Before the New Year I featured a video made by the superlative Mammasaurus promoting the Black Dog Tribe, a new website that aims to fight the stigma of depression and get people talking about mental health issues. I recently received an email from them asking if I could promote their website and giving further details about what it is.

With one in four people suffering from mental health problems, chances are we all know someone who is affected; Black Dog Tribe is a place where you can read about mental health issues, share experiences, find like-minded people and friendship and a whole lot more. Think of it as a social networking site for people dealing with mental health issues, whether it themselves or someone they know.

The site is the brainchild of comedian and actress Ruby Wax who four years ago suffered from the “tsunami of all depressions” herself. After months of treatments Ruby decided to do something positive with her experience and wrote a show called ‘Losing It’ that took a sideways and rather unique look at mental health issues. The audience reaction to the show convinced Ruby that people needed a place online where they could go and share their experiences of the Black Dog (a term for depression famously coined by Sir Winston Churchill).

The specific Tribes were developed from the idea that most people’s questions about depression are around very definite themes so it felt natural to create specific Tribes for people to join.

Ultimately the Black Dog Tribe website is all about removing the stigma that is associated with mental illness. So many people suffer from it, yet many are too scared to share their experiences for fear of being pigeon-holed, patronised or even bullied.

I am lucky enough to have not experienced deep depression, however this is an opportunity for us to show our support by liking the site on Facebook or following the updates on Twitter.

I am linking this up to the new section of Love All Blogs for Mental Health. Check out the showcase on Monday.