I’ve not been looking forward to today for a few reasons. One of the main ones is we’ve had to move swimming club to after school today with a new teacher and new children. I’m not sure what happened on Thursday whether it was my mistake or the teachers or probably a bit of both. They looked a bit confused when we turned up and the children in e group were really tiny. It turned out the groups had all swapped over and I should have rebooked before Christmas. Queue complete meltdown.

I had been feeling really positive but it’s so hard taking two toddlers to the swimming pool and keeping them entertained. All they want to do is walk around and dive into the pool, fully clothed. I tell myself it’s only half an hour of stress and it is but boy is it stressful. That’s on a good day. When things go wrong it’s a nightmare. One of the twins decided they were going to scream as well so I was using to get one dressed and hold the other two. I honestly never thought we would leave.

At the time I thought it was the fault of the swimming pool, so I marched them all to the reception desk with my best cross face, training crying half dressed children behind me. I was met by a teenager with more eyeliner and even more sarcasm. It took all the strength I could muster to hold keep it together and rebook.

So all in all I’d rather not go to a swimming pool again for a few weeks. So tell me your troubles and take my mind off it all for a bit. The tea is hot, and while we still don’t have any biscuits, theres always second helpings of sympathy. Link up your posts old or new, about having a bad day or bad week, or leave a comment below. Have you had a similar swimming pool meltdown? Have you any tips with coping with after school clubs?


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