In case you haven’t noticed it’s 2012. A new year, a new start. A good time to begin again with a fresh attitude. The only problem with this is that it’s also January, the bleakest coldest, wettest most depressing month of the year. No one has any money, everyone’s on a diet or detox, given up smoking or drinking and as a result everyone is grumpy.

Despite all this I made a good start. I’ve had a declutter of the house, mainly to make way for the new wave of toys. I’ve steamed through a mountain of ironing. I’ve been more organised for the school run, getting everything ready. I started to feel like I had cracked it. Again, as usual, pride came before a fall. Just as I was getting confident and feeling almost on top of things, a few things happened to throw everything back to chaos and my new positive outlook into the gutter.

The first was a series of mechanical failures. Once again I find we are having dishwasher problems. Last year it seemed like one thing after the other was breaking. We finally fixed the dishwasher but only after an emergency call to the plumber to fix the burst pipe from the dodgy repair guy. I have decided that the only way forward is to train up one of the girls so they can fix things for their old mum when they are grown ups. So daughter number 1 is going to be a plumber. On top of the dishwasher being out of action, the tumble drier is also broken. As the weather is so bad we have lines of washing drying everywhere so I’m starting to feel like a washer woman. So daughter number 2 is going to be an electrician.
Can’t believe she still hasn’t fixed it yet!
Last year ended with a bump. A car bump. Just before Christmas we got the car fixed and back on the road. I was actually pleased to be driving the tank for a change. Then just after the new year the key fob stopped working. I won’t say the make of the car but it comes with an electrical fob rather than a key. A fob costs over a hundred pounds to replace. Not the best start to the new year when one of my resolutions was to tighten belts and spend less money. So daughter number 3 is going to be a mechanic. 

Honestly, I believe training your children in these skills is the only way forward. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be too strict about it, I’ll let them choose which job they want: mechanic, electrician or plumber. You’ve got to let children choose their own future after all. I’m also considering adding to our brood so we can have a builder and decorator as well. Then when anything breaks down or needs fixing I’ll have it sorted. 

So what jobs would you like your children to have? 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.