Yesterday was blue Monday, the day which a psychologist worked out was the most depressing of the year. Bad weather, failed resolutions and lack of money all collide to create a veritable maelstrom of negativity. we may as well stay in bed. On the plus side that means the worst day is over, things must be heading towards more cheerful times.

Of course it’s silly to describe one day as being more or less depressing than any other. There isn’t a universal feeling of depression which descends. However, I have certainly noticed some people seem a bit negative and fed up. I was in a monumental grump all week, though I think that’s more a birthday grump than anything else. So this week I’m trying desperately to be positive, even when the girls won’t wear their gloves and cry through the whole school run and we woke up to find yet another problem with the car, this time a flat tyre.

So we’re all in this together, come over, link up your bad day posts or leave a comment below. I’ll put on a nice hot cup of tea to warm us all up and we’ll try to generate some positivity somehow. A bit of tea and sympathy sometimes does the trick.

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