Right, I am giving myself a stern talking to and I’m going to start being more cheerful. I tried hard in the first few days of 2012, I really did. I wanted to give the New Year a positive start, but one event after the other has left me in the doldrums. My hubby says we’re being tested, but I don’t think so. I think this is just what it’s like being an adult. Life is one long flat tyre. It is a train which doesn’t stop at your station. It is a steady stream of major and minor disasters leaving you lacking in energy, with a larger waist and a smaller wallet as you wind your way ever closer to inevitable death.

What was I saying again? Oh yes I’m trying to be cheerful. As you can see I really need to count my blessings right now so here goes:

1. Not having a car has meant I’ve started my fitness routine. I have biked everywhere to pick up the parts we needed to fix the tyre. Ok it has only been short bike rides but still. I was also feeling really unfit last week as I was puffing and panting by the top of the hill on the school run. Then I did the school run without the double pram and it was easy. Maybe I’m not such a hopeless case after all.

2. I also actually went swimming yesterday. I go to a swimming pool every week to take the eldest to her lesson but spend the whole time herding small people away from the water. Actually going swimming myself was wonderful. Also while I’m on swimming I was fretting last week about changing teachers and I actually think it’s worked out for the best. My daughter loves her new teacher and there are only two others in the class. It just goes to show it’s not worth worrying about. We did get on the wrong train on the way home and it didn’t stop at our station but even that was a bit of an adventure.

3. My daughter dictated this email this week. It made me laugh.

To N
I love you. Me and Mummy went to see Room on a Broom and we loved it. The cat got the broomstick and whoosh they were gone. 

This is picture of a little girl. This is a lovely picture. Oh my God, you love this don’t you? 

See you soon,
Love M 

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