Morning all. Winter is here and it took an extra fifteen minutes to get the girls ready for the school run this morning. It’s a bit like painting the Golden Gate Bridge: by the time you’ve gone round once and put on hats coats and scarves you have to start again as in the mean time they’ve taken them off and thrown them on the floor. Unfortunately the taking off of one’s gloves and shouting “Oh noooo! mummy!” has turned into a favourite game and so the journey to school is rather stilted at the moment, with many many stops to replace said gloves. The only good thing is we have finally tackled the losing socks issue by putting the twins in tights at all times, it’s good for keeping warm at this time of year as well.
Now we are back in the warm it’s the perfect day for curling up on the sofa and sharing stories of woe and heartache. The twins are busy as they have found two new games this week. One likes to put coins or googly eyes or buttons into the playstation and the other has found a plug socket which switches the lights off and on. The resulting flicker is rather pleasant. 
So take a seat, I’ve got a steaming mug of hot chocolate for you and marshmallows to toast on the fire. Link up your posts about bad days, it’s still January so I’m sure you’ll have a few. If you don’t have a blog and just want to have a bit of a moan write a comment below. Unless it’s about me. I’ll be round later to give you some virtual sympathy, that is as soon as I’ve finished fishing small plastic items out of the playstation. Pray that it still works, otherwise I’ll be the one needing sympathy later.
No twins were harmed in the making of this blog post (unless they’ve broken the playstation that is!)

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