Tuesday Tea and Sympathy – Blue Monday

Yesterday was blue Monday, the day which a psychologist worked out was the most depressing of the year. Bad weather, failed resolutions and lack of money all collide to create a veritable maelstrom of negativity. we may as well stay in bed. On the plus side that means...

Listography: tips for bloggers

I’ve now been blogging for six whole months. I’m not sure if that makes me a newbie or an old pro. Does six months give me leave to give blogging tips? Probably not. Oh well I’ll do it anyway. There is so much I still don’t understand about...

366 Project – Week 2

1. Playing Mary and Joseph on a hobby horse2. One of the twins getting locked in a cage.3. Birthday cake4. My makeover 5. Everything stops for Night Garden6 Skating lesson7. Mogliani self portrait

Saturday Is Caption day!

I’ve been far too grumpy this week so I really need a good caption to cheer me up a bit and kick the January blues into touch!Here’s my piccie. Give it your best shot. All captions welcome.