I thought I’d use an old photo today as I’ve been looking at holiday pictures for my post about my best ever holiday for the tots100 competition (*fingers crossed* please let me win, please let me win, please let me win). This photo is from that magical time *hushed whisper* before children. It is lovely looking back, but it’s hard to know that I will never look as young, thin or awake as I did in this photo. Oh well, with age come, well, I don’t know, definitely not wisdom, more grey hairs?

I look at this picture and want to shake her. You don’t know how lucky you are! Stop complaining you’re tired, you’re not tired. I’ll show you tired! And worries? Don’t even go there? What on earth have you to worry about? Whether to read a book or swim in the pool. Stop your moaning, girl!

As you can see this photo has brought about some mixed feelings. So it would be nice if it could generate a laugh or two. 
Oh and it has monkeys in it. Everyone loves monkeys right?