Im a pretty calm person. It takes quite a lot to get me really angry but I do get irritated more easily these days. I definitely feel like I have less patience these days. Maybe a person only has a finite amount of patience and having three young children has drained it away until almost nothing. I don’t tend to get annoyed by the things people say. In some ways I quite like the little figures of speech people use, they add a flavour to the language. Instead I get annoyed by some of the constant things I hear every day. I try very hard to not get snappy with the children but some of these phrases really have me gnawing on my hand in frustration.

Annoying things children say

1. Muuuummmmmmmmeeeeeeeeey! (just as I’ve gone upstairs)

2. Can I have some juice? (just after I’ve sat down)

3. I need the toilet(just as we’ve got in the car)

4. But why mummy? (to the most unanswerable question, this weeks was why did the dinosaurs all die?)

5. I’m not tired (just after they’ve been yawning for five minutes).

Annoying things husbands say

1. Don’t you think you should be in second gear?

2. We (meaning you) really should put away the pens/coins from the twins.

3. It’s quicker if you go that way.

4. What bike was that guy riding? What type of car was it?

5. Blogging is just an excuse for passive aggressive man-bashing.

…hmmmmm maybe he has a point on the last one. Tee hee.


It took all my strength not to sprinkle this post with the phrases Kate from katetakes5 said make her cross like a “just bear with me for a moment” and “he started it”. At the end of the day, there’s nothing worse than being deliberately annoying. I’m not being funny but I really hate it when people do that.