Baby it’s cold outside. Pushing two ginormous twins in their double buggy up the hill to school was not easy this morning when there was a thick coating of ice in the pavements. We skidded and slid around, munch to the delight of all the passers by. Thanks then. Still the good thing about the school run is at by nine o clock you’ve got the worst part of the day over with. I can be cautiously optimistic that inks can ony get better.

So we’re back in the warm and ready to shar a story of Bad days and sleepless nights, lost homework or going back to work. Whatever your post, old or new link it up and I’ll pop round with a steaming hot cup of tea and a friendly bit of sympathy. If you don’t have a post feel free to have a good old moan in the comment box below. The advantage of that is its anonymous so if your husband been leaving his pants on the floor or your father in law won’t stop pinching your bottom, you can complain about it to your hearts content and they’ll never find out.

So link away. Remember to grab my badge. Then others can find this little friendly corner of the Internet. Together we’ll set the world to rights.


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