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There was a new display when I went into my daughter’s school this week. They had been painting watercolours of my favourite painting: Monet’s Le Pont Japonais a Giverny. This is a series of paintings of his gardens and the water lilies.
When I was a teenager I visited the house and gardens at Giverny. It is a beautiful tranquil place and you can see why it provided such a wealth of material for the artist to paint. It is very strange to be in painting. Seeing people dressed in modern clothes and cameras was particularly incongruous. The main surprise is how vivid the colours are in real life. Monet’s palette of colours is very muted. The colour of the bridge was a bit of a shock. I’m not sure if this is because Monet suffered from cataracts and so the colours he saw had a reddish tinge.

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I couldn’t take a photo of the watercolour my daughter painted at school – although I hope it will be sent home when they’ve finished with it as I would definitely put it in a frame. As she wanted to make a collage I thought it would be a good idea to try to make a version which she could take in to school to show.

We used strips of tissue paper in different shades of blue and green.
The twins enjoyed playing with the lolly pop sticks.
We made the bridge using lollypop sticks and matchsticks.
Then stuck on some more tissue paper for the water lilies.
After we finished my daughter wanted to make her own (rather more modern) version. Apparently E.T. is on the bridge, although I don’t remember seeing him when I was there.