The Rainbow Fish header
rainbow fish
This is the Rainbow Fish costume we made for World Book Day. I am not the best at sewing but this is something even I could do without too much stress. It took one evening to make and was very cheap to make.
rainbow felt
You need:
Rainbow coloured felt
Shiny silver material
Old T-shirt
Alice band
Sewing kit
Cut the felt into scales.
My daughter (aged 4) helped with this.
Place the felt into position in lines. Start from the bottom. Sew onto the t-shirt so they overlap.
To make the headband
Cut the felt into long strips about 5mm in width. Again my daughter enjoyed helping with this.
Tie onto an Alice band.
Trim the ends so it looks neat.
Rainbow fish

This was a good costume for wearing at school because the back was plain so it was suitable for sitting down. It did last pretty well during the day, although a couple of scales did fall off. Someone with better sewing skills than me would be able to do this better, I’m sure.

The Rainbow Fish is a really beautiful book suitable for infant aged children. The pictures are stunning and it teaches the lesson of sharing in a sweet accessible way.

For some Rainbow Fish art look here:
Rainbow Fish cake pops

Cute cake pops shaped like the rainbow fish