label art for easter
In the half term holidays we did lots of marble painting. This is a really fun technique where you use marbles or any other small balls to paint patterns. It’s a good technique if you don’t like to get too messy as the paint is actually contained in the bowl. I thought the end result looked a lot like marble and so would suit an easter egg. It is a great technique for simple Easter cards that even very young children can make. 
marble painting
You need an oval shaped bowl. Use it as a template to cut the paper. If you don’t have an oval one then you can use any bowl and then cut to size. Ice cream tubs are great for this. 
Add several dollops of paint to the bowl.
marble printing
Put the balls inside the bowl. Marbles work the best but we used small bouncy balls. I like how you are using a marble to make a marble effect. 
marble painting
Roll the balls around for a few minutes. You don’t have to add new paint every time, sometimes the second go makes the best patterns as they are the clearest.
Easter eggs
Leave to dry.
The Easter eggs can then be used for an egg hunt or to make Easter cards. 
easter card
We mounted them onto card and added lots of shiny stickers. 
easter cards
The finished Easter Egg cards.
easter cards
Here are some my daughter made without supervision. She used buttons, jewels and Easter die cuts to decorate her cards.