Have you had a bad day? Or a bad week? Are you suffering from the a bad case of the terrible twos, housework hell, or teenage tantrums. It doesn’t have to be a parenting dilemma – you could be struggling with work life balance or a partner who won’t do what they’re told. Whatever the problem – come and link up your bad day blog post.

Pull up a chair, I’ll put the kettle on and see if there’s something nice in the biscuit tin. Take a deep breath and share your woes. You’ll get a sympathetic audience. You see, I’ve realised the blog posts I like best are the ones where someone has had a bad day (I’m not exactly sure what that says about me). Don’t get me wrong – it’s lovely to hear when someone’s little darling has learned to crawl or that they have gone out for a romantic meal with their husband – but it can be tough out here on the coal face of parenting – and it’s good to know that someone out there in blogland is having the same issues. I guess I just like posts which are real – with real emotion and problems. I also like the feeling of community you get when you’ve had a bad day and someone takes the time to say – oh yes, I know what you mean, I hope you feel better.

So take a seat, kick off your shows and link up a blog post or two. If you don’t have a blog or you want to have an anonymous rant then feel free to use the comments. Hopefully you’ll feel like you’ve spent half an hour with a friend, a cuppa and a biccie and you come away feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world.

*…well by popular demand I mean the inimitable Pinkoddy – but hey , that counts, right?!

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