Having three girls who all love colouring I couldn’t wait to take part in this competition. Somehow they manage to find pens, no matter where I hide them. Every surface of the house is a potential art work: doors, windows, the rather unfortunate pre-baby choice of a cream carpet, each other – it’s all very creative. So imagine their delight when I told them they were allowed to draw on the cereal box!

Molly got stuck in and really enjoyed using the pen set we were sent – she had never used colour changing pens before and you have never seen anyone get so excited that something has turned yellow.

colouring competition

Molly’s colouring (age 5)

While she was doing her picture I gave the twins some paper to use.


At the shop the next day we saw a line of rice crispies boxes and Molly was so excited to see them and wanted to get some for her sisters. I thought my carpet could do with a break so bought another couple of boxes.

twins colouring
Some of the drawings even ended up in the right place – amazing!

rice crispies colouring

Molly wrote the twins’ names on the boxes for them, although she got a little muddled at first and put her own name on the top. It was the end of term!


Charlotte’s colouring


Rose’s colouring


 Charlotte and Rose’s entries

Age 2










Of course what I hadn’t counted on was the fact we then had three boxes of Rice Crispies to use up. Luckily it is one of their favourite cereal – that old snap, crackle and pop magic so we used one pretty quickly. Today was a bit wet – of course it was its British summertime – so we used one of the other boxes to make Rice Crispie Cakes. Yum.

rice crispie cakes

This is our entry  for the BritMums #ColourMeInRK competition, sponsored by Kellogg’s.

colour me in competitions
Disclaimer: we were sent a box of rice crispies and a colouring set to help us take part in the competition.