Yesterday we made a rather tasty looking Pavlova. Disappointingly it wasn’t a real one, but was actually made entirely from play dough. Molly thought it was hilarious to leave it on the table to trick her daddy when he came home from work.. Him, not so much. Sorry I’m not laughing really.

pavlova surprise

The twins enjoyed playing with the play dough today and it still smelt rather wonderfully of strawberries and chocolate. They spent about half an hour rolling it and making cup cakes.

I decided to set up a tea party for them and their toys. I used a nappy box covered with a blanket for the table. We had a really pretty tea set and some vintage dolls chairs already.

teddy bear tea party

As you can see teddy and dolly enjoyed a rather large slice of Pavlova, greedy things. They were impeccably behaved.

twins tea party

Unfortunately the twins weren’t as well-behaved and need a few lessons on good table manners and not hitting your sister because she has squashed your play dough. Ahhhh, the joys of having twins.

They definitely enjoyed the role play and having the realistic looking Pavlova certainly added to the experience. I can see us enjoying a lot more tea parties in the future. Although we will have to make a real cake for daddy!

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