This year I have been given the gift of time. The twins have started preschool and I suddenly have six whole hours a week to myself. Going from the position of never having a second to myself except when they are asleep this seems amazing. Much as I love being with them, little people are so incredibly demanding, sometimes it is nice just to go to the toilet on your own or drink a cup of tea.


Of course it comes at a price. I don’t just mean the cost, which was a little bit of a surprise – haven’t they heard of two for one? It’s an extra struggle making sure they have everything they need in the morning, clean clothes and nappies as well as the right teddies and comforters between them.

There is also an emotional cost. While I am happy to see them taking the next step and am pleased this will prepare them for nursery – it is still hard leaving them in an unfamiliar environment. They have surprised me with how they have coped. Out of the two Rose seems the most confident when she’s with me. She is happy chatting to anyone and doesn’t seem to mind if I leave her with family while I go to work for an afternoon. Charlotte on the other hand can be really clingy. She might be the one who would run off if you aren’t holding her hand but if someone she isn’t expecting comes into the room then she hides in my shoulder until they’ve left.

At preschool it’s reversed. Charlotte bounds in excitedly, gets her name label, and Rose’s and chats happily to the teachers. Rose, on the other hand, clings to me, cries and says she is scared. She is fine once I have left but it is still a surprise. I do wonder if it’s because she is more a mummy’s girl. It just shows you can’t predict what children are going to do.

So I have big plans for my time. Three hours on a Thursday and three on a Friday. I can finally get the house into order. It’s been three years of struggle to keep up with everything. There has been so much I’ve wanted to do but no time or energy to do it. I’ve made a good start last week sorting out the wardrobes and then the snow came and it’s set me back a bit. I will be able to go food shopping with out two little monkeys sitting in the trolly and picking apart everything I buy. I can even do something decadent for myself like go for a haircut or go swimming on my own.


Of course what I will do first is sit down with a cuppa after the stress of the morning school run and relax for five minutes. It’s been really hard this week as the pavements are blocked with snow and pushing the double pram up the hill to school has really tested all my muscles. Instead of saying “double trouble” most people I meet have greeted me with “that looks hard” as they skip up the road past me.

So I don’t feel one bit guilty if I go on the internet for five minutes and have a surf on the internet and look for some promos at Walmart. Or maybe ten minutes. Then again half an hour is not going to hurt anyone…..

Do you have any suggestions for what else could I do with my six hours of free time?


Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by one of Here comes the Girls’ partners.