the Barbie films are big in this house at the moment. They are going to be interested in anything Barbie related and really enjoy the films. Barbie™ & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale has proved a big hit with my eldest, aged 6. She really loves ponies and the ponies are particularly pretty – with long flowing manes and lots of jewelled accessories.

In the film Barbie searches for the horse of her dreams to bring back to show all of her friends in Malibu.  There is a lot of fun and adventure, along the way The DVD and Blu-ray are available to pre-order now and contains special features and bonus material.

Barbie™ & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale


Barbie™ & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale, Set in the enchanting surroundings of a riding academy in the Swiss Alps and is a delightful story of friendship. The girls also liked the relationship between the sisters in the story.  There is also a lot of wish fulfilment with horses and ponies galore and the holiday of a lifetime. Molly loved it when Barbie discovers a mysterious wild horse deep in the woods.  Suddenly their visit becomes truly magical as they meet a wonderful new friend and enjoy a holiday full of fun

Still2 -Street


This is quite a long film at 1 hour 11 minutes. Molly loved the whole thing and could have watched it twice – but it was a bit long for the twins who are only 3. Although these films are aimed at the younger audience it is a film that I enjoyed watching too. If you have Barbie mad pony fans then it is definitely one to watch – or to get as a Christmas present. 

Barbie Pony

The DVD is released on the 28th October. The DVD and Blu-ray is available to pre-order now and contains special features and bonus material, including an episode form Life in the Dreamhouse.

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of the film for the purposes of this review.