Tiny Bike Review


It’s amazing how quickly things can change. When Molly was learning to ride a bike – just three years ago there weren’t really any balance bikes around. We just took the peddles off her one. Balance bikes really are a great invention. They give children that feeling of being on a bike and learning to steer and help them to get their balance without the scary parent letting go part.  Luckily the twins have been sent this Tiny Bike by Fun4Kids so learning to ride will be a lot simpler and more fun.

mini bike

The Tiny Bike is brilliant because it can be used from aged 2 onwards. A lot of two year olds are desperate to try their elder siblings bikes but they just aren’t suitable. The Tiny Bike is perfect for them because it is the right size.

Tiny Bike

A rainbow of colours to choose from!

When we first got it out of the box it seemed really small but that is what makes it perfect. My girls haven’t been very enthusiastic about going on bikes before – probably because they usually fall off them and they seem a bit high up. The Tiny Bike is just right for their legs and they can get really comfortable on it and not be scared they will fall a long way.

mini bike

The Tiny bike was very easy to put together and is light so it is easy to carry with you to the park or carry home when they decide they don’t want to bike any more. It doesn’t take up much space either.



mini bike


It is really sturdy. Ours has already taken a lot of batterings. little people just don’t want to place things down gently – everything has to be thrown around. This will withstand anything. It also doesn’t have blow up wheels so won’t get punctures.

mini bike

These bikes are currently £49.95 on the Fun4Kids website. They would make the perfect Christmas present for a 2 year old – especially as they are suitable up to the age of 5. Such a fun way to learn to ride.


Disclaimer: We were sent the bike for the purposes of this review. 

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