I remember nagging my parents to get a SodaStream when I was a child. Being able to make fizzy drinks at home was so exciting. We all used to fight over who got to press the button and make the fizz. In that way SodaStream hasn’t changed. It is still very exciting to make those bubbles and the girls watch in awe as the fizz appears.

SodaStream review

However SodaStream has definitely grown up. It is now a sleek stylish machine. Even the packaging is futuristic. I was a bit worried about having a machine taking up space on the kitchen work top but it is a tall thin machine and fits in really well. It looks stylish and there are even different colour ways to fit in with your kitchen. The monitor on the front is great as you can choose how fizzy you want your drink to be.

SodaStream review

The other thing which has changed is the choice of flavours. You can get every drink imaginable and they contain far less sugar (up to 70% less) and carbs than standard fizzy drinks. As well as how fizzy you want the drink you can also add how much flavour you want. The cola and diet cola are really good and the good thing is you don’t have lots of large bottles to bring home and store.

SodaStream review

We were sent a trial pack of flavours and while I liked them all the Diet Pink Grapefruit was by far my favourite. This was a bit of a surprise as it was the one I thought I wouldn’t like. It is such a fresh taste with just the right hint of sweetness. So refreshing. The girls love it too – mainly because it is such a bright pink colour.

SodaStream review

A SodaStream would make a great present perhaps if you buy one thing for a family. It is great for parties as you can tailor make drinks to suit each guest. The Soda Stream machines cost £79.99 to £129.99 depending on which you go for. Although you have that initial outlay the cost of the flavours is really cheap. It is just £3.49 for my favourite flavour and with that  500ml bottle of soda mix you can make 12 litres of soda, equal to 33 cans.

It was always the gas cylinders which were expensive in the past. I haven’t needed to change our yet so I cannot tell you how long it lasts (I will update later!) but the cost of the cylinder seems reasonable at £10 if you recycle your old one.

vintage SodaStream advert

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While I was searching for information on SodaStream I found this Vintage SodaStream picture. Of course SodaStream is updated in another way as well – not only can you get tonic water for your much needed gin but you can also use it to make some rather tasty cocktails too. Now that is progress!

Disclaimer: We were sent the machine and drinks for the purposes of this review.