The twins are really interested in learning their names at the moment. They are fascinated by the fact Charlotte has a long name and Rose has a short one. Bad planning on my part I suppose! Charlotte is getting quite good at writing the letters of her name but not in the correct order. I wanted a fun activity so she could practice putting the letters in the right order and recognise the sounds of each one without actually having to write it.


I had some cute holly and berry stickers. I was planning to use them for a reward chart but they haven’t finished their Autumn leaves one. It made sense to do use one for letters instead. I wrote their name on some of the leaves and cut out a circle in a paper plate to make a wreath shape. Then I let them stick their name on.


They did really well and I was pleased with how many letter sounds they recognised. It also makes a really pretty decoration.

Learn to recognise your name with this pretty Christmas wreath which doubles as a decoration.

 Rose thought her face should go in the middle. I actually think that would be a nice idea and then you could give it as presents.


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