One of our favourite craft materials is ribbon. A length of ribbon is so pretty and can be added to all sorts of crafts. One way we use ribbons a lot is to tie it to the end of a fairy wand. It is great to use for dancing.


The way we use ribbons the most is with threading. Ribbon is silkier than wool and feels nicer – although it is a bit harder to manipulate. I always tie a small length of a pipe cleaner to the end to make it easier to thread.

cutting practice


We first cut out shapes. This can be any shape you choose. It’s a fun way to practice cutting skills. The twins are 3 and really love cutting.

heart shaped threading

Then they cut the holes using a hole punch. One with a single hole works best as it is easier to cut a hole where you want it. Sometimes we use a shaped punch as well.

threading with ribbon

Then a lot of concentration is need to thread. As we have done this activity a few times the twins can now do it independently.

threading with ribbon

Charlotte wanted to make a star across the middle of hers to make it even prettier.

threading with ribbon

After that they decorated the shapes with lots of stickers. They make great designs for the front of cards. The girls took theirs in to give to a friend at nursery.

threading with ribbon


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Do you wonder what to make with ribbon? Here are a great selection of crafts for kids using ribbonDo you wonder what to make with ribbon? Here are a great selection of crafts for kids using ribbon

Other favourite ribbon projects are:

Homemade crackers

Valentine's crackers

First sewing project


Weaving with a loom

ladybird crafts for kids

Fairy dress up

fairy dress up


Here are some of

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