The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister is one of my all time favourite children’s books. The combination of beautiful illustrations and a lovely tale about sharing makes it perfect for early years children.

The rainbow Fish

I got my first ever teaching job with this activity and it is a great one for home as well. After we read the book I encouraged the girls to say what they would share. Molly wrote the answers down onto a shiny Rainbow Fish scale as the twins are at the pre writing stage. The twins are three need lots of practice with sharing so it is a great activity for them. This would make a lovely display if you were in school with each child writing on a scale.

rainbow fish activity

When we were reading the book the girls loved the colours of The Rainbow Fish and enjoyed pointing them out to me. I thought they would like a Colour-by-numbers to do. They are doing well with their numbers and I thought this would help.

rainbow fish coloring

The Rainbow Fish looks really lovely coloured in. There are a few blank scales and we did these using a silver pen.

rainbow fish colouring

If you want to do this yourself then go to The Rainbow Fish Printables Page and download for free!

Rainbow Fish Colour By Numbers

Molly really enjoyed re reading the rainbow fish so I made a harder activity for her to do. I gave her a colouring sheet and encouraged her to write some adjectives to describe the rainbow fish using different coloured pens.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 20.31.39


This was really good for language extensionRainbow fish printableRainbow fish printableScreen Shot Rainbow fish adjectives


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rainbow fish activities for early years

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