How come you always run out of battery just when you need to urgently make a phone call? I always seem to be stuck without a charge just when I need to make that urgent call. Which is why I was really keen to try the Nomad Phone Cables. These are really ingenious cables which you can carry with you all the time and will keep your phone charged.
Nomad charger

There are two things I always carry with me, which are my purse and my keys. The Nomad cables come in two types the Charge Key which fits onto your key ring and the ChargeCard which slips easily into your wallet or purse so they are always with you. They are the world’s smallest and most portable USB cables and allows for charging from any USB port. They also allow full data transfer when connected to a computer

Nomad phone charger

The cables work brilliantly and start charging instantly. The device is really ingenious, it is functional yet looks good as well. They would work best for someone who has a laptop with them or who travels by train and can plug their phone into a socket to keep it charged.

Nomad phone charger

The chargers are sent in handy little packages which show the size of the device. They arrived really quickly and were ready to use straight away.

Nomad phone charger

The best thing is you don’t have to carry around loads of cables anymore. They would be perfect for going on holiday too, although you would need to pack the phone plug if you weren’t taking a laptop.  The cables are $29 which is a great price for such an innovative product.

Nomad phone chargerNOMAD is a really interesting company. It produces minimalist necessities for the modern NOMAD. In the nomadic spirit, they accept barters as a way for people or companies to exchange their own goods and services for ChargeCards or ChargeKeys. They have received an overwhelming response, ranging from custom bikes and die-stamped office furniture to wall art and artisanal popcorn.

Now you can buy in the UK with next-day delivery on

Nomad Mobile Phone Cables

Disclaimer: I was sent the cables for the purpose of this review.