I really love Autumn walks. There is something about treading through crisp golden leaves which makes Autumn my favourite season. We love to go out and collect Autumn leaves. the colours are so beautiful. Usually we take the children’s halloween buckets and see what treasures they can find.

Leaf collecting

As you can see it is the perfect excuse to get out in the open and running about.

Leaf collecting

The problem is what to do with the leaves once they are collected. This year the girls came up with their own totally child led activity which is wonderful for fine motor skills.  Leaf threading.

leaf threading


This is the simplest activity. Simply thread leaves onto a stick but the result is so beautiful.

leaf threading


If you wanted to include some maths skills you could put the leaves into a pattern: green, brown, green, brown.

leaf threading


This is such a simple activity but really lovely. It is definitely one we will be repeating!

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