Apple Boats


Last weekend we went to an apple day at a stately home. It was a lovely Autumn day so it was the perfect activity for getting out and about. There were so many apples to try.


While we were there we made apple boats in the orchard. The girls loved this and it was a wonderful way to combine learning about apples, crafting and outdoor water play. It was also really simple to make and put together as you just needed some trays of water, apples, squares and paper and pencils.

apple boats

The other thing I liked about this activity was you can make the sails as complicated or simple as you like. Cut the apple in half. Put the skewer in the middle and then cut and decorate a sail. You can also cut out the middle of the apple but you don’t need to do this to make the boat float. apple boats

The girls enjoyed making their apple boats but they really loved sailing them. This would be a lovely set up in a garden or a play area. You could try different fruit to see which float. It would be a great activity to go with a floating and sinking unit.

apple boats

This is definitely something we would do again. Apple boats are so simple and fun.

apple boats

Finally, you can have a race to see whose boat goes the fastest.

apple boats

This definitely goes down as one of my favourite seasonal activities.

apple boats

Save for later!Apple boats - a fun activity for Autumn combing crafting, science and play.

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