If you are looking for a fun way to learn maths you can’t get better than anything with food. Counting with sweets and making pizza fractions. They all make maths that bit tastier! We have been using Numicon with the girls and at school. It is a really good resource for building an understanding of the number system and you can use it to solve lots of different maths problems. DSC_0044


170g unsalted butter

150 g granulated sugar

1 egg

2 tsp of vanilla

281 g plain flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

icing sugar

food colouring

chocolate drops to decorateDSC_0048

Form the ingredients into a dough. Leave to chill in the fridge. We left these overnight to make the next day at school and they worked brilliantly.


Roll out the dough. Place the Numicon pieces into the middle of the dough and cut out. You could use a cutter to cut the holes out of the middle if you don’t want to use chocolate drops. Bake until golden.

DSC_0052 IMG_3910

While the biscuits are cooling make the icing. Make a large batch of icing and colour it in seperate bowls.


Ice the biscuits, matching the colours to the Numicon. I think these look a bit like a game of Tetris.


Add the chocolate drops to the top of the Numicon biscuits. This is another chance to count the number each represents.


Then the best bit – eat your biscuits. The girls decided they all had to eat a pair of biscuits which made ten. This was a good way to practice number bonds.


The finished biscuits looked pretty good. I have to admit, we made them the next day at school and while just as tasty, they didn’t look quite as good. Still it was a fun learning experience.


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Numicon biscuits. A fun family recipe which helps children learn maths