I know exactly what you are thinking: could Tsum Tsums get any cuter? Well, the Series 2 Tsum Tsums answer that question with a resounding YES! This time, they are squishy. We were delighted to be sent a 4 pack.

The girls really love collecting things and love the fact that you can get all your favourite characters, in a particularly cute form. They are easy to stack and make into a pile.


As well as the three characters you can see in the pack there is also a fourth secret Tsum Tsum. We got Winnie the Pooh.


The series 2 Tsum Tsums feel really soft and squishy. It adds a lovely feel to an already fun toy. It also makes the colours look a bit softer and prettier. It costs around £5 for a four pack of Tsum Tsums so is a good present or a pocket money toy.


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Disclaimer: I was sent the toys for the purposes of this review.