If you asked the girls to name something beginning with P, it’s a fairly safe bet that pizza and Pokemon will come first to their minds. They really love them both, having just got into the Pokemon Go craze. So what could be better than Pokemon pizza? Pizza already looks like a bit like a Pokeball. This is a fun activity and a good way to get children in the kitchen. It would also work well at a Pokemon themed party.

Pokemon pizza

Ingredients for Pokemon pizza

  • Pizza bases
  • tomato sauce
  • olives
  • mozzarella cheese


Pokemon pizza

You can make your own dough. We had lots of other activities planned so wanted to make the pizza really quickly so used pizza bases. It was easy to make the pizzas.

Just spread tomato over the whole base. Add cheese to half and decorate with slices of olives to make the shape of the Pokeball. Use a slice of olive in the middle for the central circle.


Of course, the only problem with this is that a lot of children do not like olives. We used sweetcorn as an alternative. It doesn’t look as good as the colour is so light but they were pleased with it. You could also use small slices of pepperoni or sausage.


The children really enjoyed making their own pizzas. They just needed about 10 minutes in a hot oven and they were lovely.


This was a great lunch after a busy morning hunting Pokemon. Some of the children even tried olives for the first time.

Pokemon pizza

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