Real Life Pokemon Hunt

Real Life Pokemon Hunt

I was looking after a group of children over the holidays and I knew they would want to play Pokemon Go but I wouldn’t be able to fit them all in the car to take them somewhere where there would be Pokemon. Instead, I thought we could have a real life hunt for Pokemon in the back garden. First, they made some real life Pokeballs, and then I told them I had hidden Pokemon figures arouad the garden. They were really excited.


They were dressed for Pokemon hunting wearing the Pokemon trainer caps they had designed.

Pokemon trainer cosplay

We let the twins have 6 seconds head start as they were a bit younger than the others. They were actually the best at finding the Pokemon.


You can buy a bag of Pokemon figures for under a tenner. They are really cute and the perfect size for hiding around the garden. I hid them in trees and in the sandpit.

The children had so much fun hunting down the Pokemon when they finished they each chose a favourite and then got me to hide the rest again.

Pokemon Pokeball and figures

After they had finished playing the children enjoyed on of the Pokemon cookies they had made earlier.

Pokemon Go

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real life Pokemon hunt

Pokemon activities for kids

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