This is actually a very old craft idea which I only just realised was sitting in drafts. I thought I had published it ages ago. One of our favourite craft for young children s to make stained glass windows using contact paper and tissue. it is so simple and mess free and the results make a window look really pretty. At Christmas, I had made some Christmas light bulbs and they looked really lovely so for the twins birthday we thought we needed some bunting. Stained Glass Window Bunting

We used:

  • black paper/card
  • red and white tissue paper
  • contact paper

Stained Glass Window BuntingI cut the black paper into triangles with a hole in them. I laid them on a long strip of contact paper. Top tip: fold the corners down to stick to the table so it doesn’t roll up.

Stained Glass Window Bunting

I cut shapes out of the tissue paper for the twins to use to decorate the window. I cut stripes and dots.

Stained Glass Window Bunting

They enjoyed filling the triangles with the tissue paper and making patterns.

Stained Glass Window Bunting

Once finished, cut the triangles out and attach to the window. I use blue tack as it is easy to take off.

This creates such a lovStained Glass Window Bunting

This creates such a lovely bright window and would be lovely at a party. You could pick any colour to match your room or a rainbow of colours would look so pretty.

Stained Glass Window Bunting

Next time, I would give the children more ownership of the pattern and see what they can create.

Stained Glass Window Bunting

After making this bunting, I realised it looked like the American flag. I thought it would be fun to make some 4th July bunting in a similar way using the red stripes we had already made. It turned out so cute!

4th July stained glass window bunting

Christmas bulbs sun catcher

Christmas lights sun catcher