If you’re looking to sell your home, or just to improve the house you own, then it is easy to neglect the outside in favour of renovating the interior. First appearances are always really important and kerb appeal makes a real difference to how a house is viewed. It is also lovely to draw up to your house and feel proud of its appearance. There are five features which can really make or break this first impression.


Ok, this might not seem the most important thing, but having a clearly visible number is really helpful for visitors. You can also make a feature out of it.


Front Door

The front door is in many ways the most important part of the house. It needs to be strong and secure to keep your entrance safe. A house can be instantly improved by finding a great door design. You can combine functionality with something The door is the first thing visitors will see and gives a real impression of your style, whether traditional or modern. Even a lick of paint on an old wooden door can make a difference. The decorations around a door can also be important. It helps if they have a matching finish and are all in working order.

yellow front door

Paths and Drives

Of course, you can’t control how much space you have at the front of your house. You might have a big drive and several plants and trees or your house might sit on the pavement. If you do have more space then it’s worth considering the view from the road. It helps if the drive is levelled and tidy

house entrance


Most councils now pride large bins for rubbish and while they are really useful, they are a bit of an eyesore. You can buy small storage areas to build which disguise them a little bit. Tucking them out of sight behind some plants will also help.


Plants can really create a big impact on the front of a house.  There is nothing lovelier than wisteria winding around a doorway. Before planting a front garden, it is worth considering how much time and energy you want to spend maintaining it. Even a small patch of lawn will need regular mowing and will soon look unkempt if you don’t keep up with it. Flowering shrubs and bushes are better than bedding plants and won’t need so much work.


front door

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