Easy Homemade Lego Coasters

Easy Homemade Lego Coasters

During the Summer holidays, my eldest daughter set herself a project to complete a Hogwarts castle in Lego. It was pretty epic and needed and took several days and lots of refreshments to keep going. While I was helping her, I set down my tea on one of the base blocks. This worked as a great drinks coaster until she needed to use it and it made me realise that we could make some lego coaster using Sticky Brick Tape.

Easy Homemade Lego Coasters

This is such a simple craft. All you need is some old coasters, sticky brick tape and a pair of scissors. The coasters I used were still ok, but I didn’t like the pattern anymore.

Easy Homemade Lego Coasters

You can make any pattern you want, but it’s worth taking the time to measure out the tape carefully and plan it out so it is the correct size. I wasn’t terribly happy with how neat the edges turned out and would have taken a bit more time to plan if I did this again.

Easy Homemade Lego Coasters

We made some simple block patterns but you could make something more adventurous if you wanted.

Easy Homemade Lego Coasters


The tape cuts really easily and has a label on the back which you peel off to reveal the adhesive making this an easy craft any age can do. It would work well for a present for a Lego fan. You could personalise it with some mini figures to match the person you are giving it to.

Easy Homemade Lego Coasters

Of course, ours were personalised with Harry Potter figures.

Easy Homemade Lego Coasters

These coasters are perfect for somewhere to put down your cup of tea in the middle of building a magnificent creation. You can win 4 rolls of Sticky Brick Tape here and make your own.

Easy Homemade Lego Coasters

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