Club Petz Bianca Interactive Cat

Club Petz Bianca Interactive Cat

Ever since we got our two kittens, the girls have loved one animal: cats. They have cat bedding, cat stationary for back to school, even cat dresses. I knew they would love the sweet Bianca cat from Club Petz.

club petz bianca cat

The girls have had a few interactive toys, but this is definitely the cutest. It has a soft, white body and a super fluffy tail. The cat has a lovely face, with bright blue eyes and soft pink ears. It is really pretty. She even has a pretty bow with a rose around her neck.

club petz bianca cat

Bianca has several movements. She can turn her head when you call her and purrs charmingly when you stroke her back. She is so much like a real kitten that she would be a brilliant toy for a child who wants a pet but can’t have one, for whatever reason. Bianca cat comes with a little ball of wool. This helps you interact even more with her as she can play with the ball while making sweet little sounds like singing.  If you put the ball in front of her, she starts to walk forward.

club petz bianca cat

Bianca Cat costs £44.95 and will be a really popular present this Christmas. Children will love how she meows like a real cat and of course, there is no food or litter tray to take care of. If you leave her for a little while, she will try to attract your attention, just like a real cat.

club petz bianca cat

So of course, the big question in our house is whether the real cats would like her. Amber was very curious and particularly interested in her tail.

club petz bianca cat

She decided to give the new cat a warm welcome and they are best of friends.

club petz bianca cat

Disclaimer: We were sent this pet for the purposes of this review. 

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