Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Styling Head

Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Styling Head

I knew the girls would love to test theBarbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Styling HeadMy girls have got into styling hair. They like nothing better than to practice braids and pony tails. The only problem is, it really hurts. This styling head solves that problem as they can do any style without needing a real life person with pain receptors to torture.

Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Styling Head

The styling head is based on the Barbie Dreamtopia series of toys. Dreamtopia is a world filled with princesses, mermaids and fairies. The Barbie head has bright pink hair, which makes it really fun to play with. The hair has a blue and white streak which adds a fun rainbow effect depending on how you style it.  She is wearing a sparkly top and comes with lots of accessories, including hair bands, clips, gems and a Barbie hair brush.  You can use the gems to give the hair clips your own look.

Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Styling Head

The hair is soft and easy to plait. It is much easier than real hair as it doesn’t get tangled so easily. We did feel the head was very light and it was hard to keep it straight when you were doing the hair, it kept getting knocked over. You almost needed someone else to hold it in place, which was a bit frustrating.

Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Styling Head

You could also use your own clips and accessories which is good as the elastic bands broke easily. Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Styling Head costs £19.99 which makes it a good price for a Christmas or birthday present. This is a great styling head if you love the idea of having brightly coloured hair. It is a good toy for children aged 3+ who love trying out different hair styles. You can really make any style you want. The girls like finding new YouTube hair styling videos and trying them out. It is also great for me to practice. I love giving the girls a french plait, but it always ends up a bit messy. 

Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Styling Head

The Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Styling Head is part of the Barbie range from Just Play which also includes the Barbie Deluxe Colour Specialist Styling Head. You can full details at

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