Apple Weekend at Hanbury Hall

Apple Weekend at Hanbury Hall

Our favourite day out as a family is to head somewhere beautiful for the day, somewhere with trees or water that makes you feel good. One of our favourite days out in the Midlands is to go to the apple weekend at Hanbury Hall. It is such a fun day out as there are lots of lovely activities for the family, you can feast on apple treats in the cafe and play in the woodlands before coming home laden down with apples and pears and pumpkins. Apple Weekend at Hanbury Hall

This year the rest of the family went to a football match so I just took one child. This is a delight in itself as it is lovely to spend some one on one time. It means they get to do whatever they want and have undivided attention.

Apple Weekend at Hanbury Hall

It is always fun to pretend to be one of the statues at the hall. We got there very late so didn’t have time to look around the house. I always think it is nice to leave something for next time.

Apple Weekend at Hanbury Hall

The grounds are very well kept. We enjoyed looking at the maze-like garden. It’s a little formal for me. I would never be able to keep my garden with so many straight lines.

Apple Weekend at Hanbury Hall

There are lots of interesting buildings to see along the way.

Apple Weekend at Hanbury Hall

Our favourite part is the woodland play area. As well as a big climbing frame there are lots of trees which are perfect for tree climbing. Apple Weekend at Hanbury Hall

There is also an abundance of large sticks to make dens with. It is worth heading to this area when it’s a little quieter so you can make your den without it being destroyed as soon as you build it by other children. It’s also worth scheduling a long amount of time for this are because it is so much fun. Apple Weekend at Hanbury Hall

Charlotte really loved hanging out in her den. Luckily she was dressed warmly in some lovely children’s clothes, a fluffy coat and long boots, perfect for Autumn walks.

Apple Weekend at Hanbury Hall

Finally, we headed to the orchard. There was a huge pile of pumpkins and other squash.

Apple Weekend at Hanbury Hall

There was also a huge selection of different fruit. We loved reading all their names and finding where they came from. You could sample apple juice, use an old-fashioned apple coring machine and knock down apples in a shy. We bought a huge bag of apples and pears which we used in pack lunches that week and to make a tasty apple crumble.

Apple Weekend at Hanbury Hall


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