Do your children love animals? If so then a book from Lonely Planet Kids would be a lovely present to put in their Christmas stocking.  This new range of books is newly launched just in time for Christmas. Animal Books from Lonely Planet Kids

We were sent two beautiful books. The Animal Book and How Animals Build.

The Animal Book by Ruth Martin

This book is suitable for ages 8+. Charlotte loved reading this, but at age 7 needed a little bit of help with the scientific words.It was perfect for sharing with her ten-year-old sister who could explain what the words meant. This book is organised by area so you can find out about animals from all over the world. Animal Books from Lonely Planet Kids

There is an interesting mix of facts and pictures. The books are cleverly presented so the facts are split into chunks and it doesn’t look too much on the page. There is a lot of detailed information included though, and you can learn so much as it is presented in bite-sized pieces. I loved the emphasis on conservation throughout the book, I think it is really important for children to learn what we can do to save endangered animals around the world. The illustrations by dawn Cooper are stunning and there is a lovely mix of drawings and photographs. this book costs £14.99 and with 164 pages is a brilliant read.

Animal Books from Lonely Planet Kids

How Animals Build

There is something so fun and charming about a lift the flap book. How Animals Build is a fascinating exploration of  the amazing homes animals create for themselves.  It is really interesting getting a glimpse into how animals build without tools. I learnt several new things myself! In this book, you can learn about everything from spider nests, rabbit warrens and termites. this book was created in consultation with Michael Leach, wildlife expert, speaker, photographer, filmographer, and author.

Animal Books from Lonely Planet Kids

The flaps make the book more intere=active and break the information into little bits to make it more manageable for young readers. The girls were delighted by how long the pages were when you opened them out. It was fun to watch their faces as the pages just kept getting bigger and bigger.

Animal Books from Lonely Planet Kids

This book is suited for ages 5-8. It was exactly the right reading age for my 7-year-old twins, who could read it independently. I love how you can search for books by age range on the website as it makes it really easy to find something suitable.

These books are lovely presents but they would also be fantastic to use in school for an animal topic. I’m eyeing up the Dinosaur Atlas for my topic next term!

Disclaimer: We were sent the books for the purposes of this review.