We are so excited the Winter Olympics is on. We love skiing and ice skating and it reminded me that I have never written a post about the lollipop stick ski craft we made a four years ago. We had built a Winter Olympics Small World in the kitchen, well it kind of took over the kitchen and we needed some characters to go skiing down the ramp.


We used:

  • thick card (we used cereal boxes)
  • photos
  • lollipop sticks
  • pipe cleaners

Winter Olympics Small World

We made a cardboard skier for each member of the family. We drew a picture of each of us onto the back of a cereal box and then stuck a photo of our face in the gap. Molly coloured in the bodies and then we carefully attached them to craft sticks, using pipe cleaners for the skis. The pipe cleaners help to support the model.

Winter Olympics Small World

The finished family looked really cute.

Winter Olympics Small World

To make a small world simply add some fake snow and glitter, white packing noodles and mini trees. We made a ski ramp using a cereal box painted white and also had some cereal box houses. We froze a tub of water with a bit of blue food colouring and some glitter for an ice rink.

Winter Olympics Small World

OK I admit, I got a bit carried away but the girls played with it for about a week and we also won a holiday so I can’t complain.

For more Winter Olympics Activities for Kids check out my roundup.

Winter Olympics activities for kids


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