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Glam Goo Fantasy Pack Review

Glam Goo Fantasy Pack Review

Have your children become obsessed with slime yet? If they have been nagging you to try it but you are worried about the mess then the Glam Goo Fantasy Pack is the perfect way to give it a try without having to buy lots of ingredients. It is a fail-safe way to make and play with slime and so pretty too. Glam Goo Fantasy pack slime

The tagline for Glam Goo is “Make slime fashionable.” This set allows you to make your own slime and then turn it into pretty accessories you can actually wear.

Glam Goo Fantasy pack slime

the Glam Goo theme pack costs under £15 and comes with everything you need to get started. You get one pot of clear slime, three fantasy themed sprinkles, two pots of colour and a gorgeous rose scent. It also comes with a heart and a rainbow container which you can use as a necklace.

Glam Goo Fantasy pack slime

The girls loved the theme of this set. Each pot has its own name with a fantasy theme. The sparkles are called: Mermaid Wishes, Cosmic Dust, and Unicorn Fuzz. You can blend them together to make your own unique slime.

Glam Goo Fantasy pack slime

The two colours are called, Mint Skies and Magic Hour. As the slime is already mixed you don’t have to worry about it going wrong. It is still worth protecting surfaces though. Once you’ve mixed your slime it just takes a couple of minutes to play with it so it becomes really pliable. this is the fun part.

Glam Goo Fantasy pack slime

The girls were really pleased that Glam Goo comes with clear slime as in their expert opinion that is the best slime there is. It means the sparkles really stand out in the mixture.

Glam Goo slime

The girls thought the slime was a bit too sticky at first but you just have to play with it for a little while and it becomes really stretchy and fun. You can stretch the slime really far and make bubbles.

Glam Goo slime

The sparkles catch the light and look really pretty. The slime smells lovely when you put in the rose scent.

Glam Goo slime

Once you’ve played with your slime then you can store it in the handy containers. You can even match your outfit so it becomes the perfect accessory. I was a little worried about the container, as I thought they might leak but the lid is very secure.

Glam Goo Fantasy Pack Review

This would be a lovely birthday present for someone who would like to play with slime and who enjoys fashion. We will definitely be looking for other Glam Goo sets for the girls birthdays next month.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Glam Goo Fantasy Set for the purposes of this review. 

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