The twins are going to combine their family birthday party with our Bizzy Bubs Twitter party so it was only fitting we made a Bizzy Bubs themed birthday cake.

We made a three layers cake using this easy cake recipe. We added a few drops of food colouring in the pastel Bizzy Bubs colours. we actually needed to put more colouring in as the cakes turned out a little pale. When the cakes were baked we layered them with a cream cheese and icing sugar frosting.

We used three different coloured icings to create the drip effect, pink purple and blue. To do this we made a thin icing using milk, food colouring and icing sugar into a consistency you can pour. To create the drip effect we simply poured the icing over the cake. It’s pretty messy – but the result is really fun and so good if you don’t want to spend hours decorating a cake.

To finish we added some colourful sprinkles and then placed Primmy Bizzy Bubs on the top.

This cake idea would work well with any other toy, you could just change the colours of the drip icing to match.

This cake tasted really fresh because of the cream cheese icing.