Ever since we watched the first Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film the girls have been asking for a Niffler. There were so many amazing magical creatures in the film, however, the cheeky kleptomaniac Niffler stood out as such a lovely invention. Finally, with the release of the new Crimes of Grindelwald film you can finally get your hands on a plush toy to cuddle. Just don’t leave him with your losse change. Niffler plush toy


The Niffler plush from Kids@Play is really large and perfect to cuddle. He has really soft fluffy fur and an adorable fleecy face.  We haven’t had the chance to see the new film but the thing we are most excited about is to see the Niffler babies. Judging by how sweet the little Niffler baby plush toys are this part of the film is going to be a big hit in our family.

Niffler and Niffler babies Plush toys

Large Baby Niffler Plush

We were sent three Niffler babies to review. Firstly a grey plush in the larger size. Look at how sweet his little face is.

Large Grey Baby Niffler Plush

Small Baby Niffler Plush

There are four different coloured Niffler baby plush toys. We were sent the tan and white and black and white babies. These would be brilliant in a stocking as they are the perfect size for stocking fillers. You could have a whole Harry Potter theme.

Baby Nifflers Plush

The Niffler babies fit into the pouch of the big Niffler. How cute is that? Just keep an eye on them. I found these Niffler babies rifling through my purse!

Baby Nifflers Plush

These toys would make any Harry Potter fan ridiculously happy this Christmas. I was planning to give them to the girls but after giving them a cuddle I decided to be more like a Niffler and hoard them for myself!


Baby Nifflers Plush Toys from Crimes of Grindelwald

The Niffler plush toys are not available online yet but you can find them in independent toy shops. Follow @KapToys to find out more.

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