How to Run Competitions on Gleam


What is Gleam? 

For those who are unfamiliar with Gleam and are unaware of its potential, we here at WalgreensListens have got you covered. Gleam is an Australian-based startup company that builds a range of apps to help small or fresh businesses grow.  

Now if you’ve signed up for Gleam but have no idea how to use it, despite playing around with it for a bit, we’ll be happy to set you up on the right track so that you can drive entries for your competitions and giveaways.  

Try Partnering Up 

A common mistake that startup companies make is when they run a campaign without an audience to promote to. That’s why advertising is a pivotal precedent when it comes to conducting business or sales.  

One of the best ways to advertise is to partner up with other brands to boost your brand’s reach. You can do so with the following methods: 

  • Ask publishers of another brand or e-commerce site to run your contest on their website, which would expose it to their audience.  
  • Have another brand or company to do combined giveaways in which products from both your companies can be included.  
  • Get in touch with an influencer, sponsor them and get them to review your product as they host a giveaway.  
  • Try to reach out to bloggers that have separate crafted giveaways of your company’s product(s). 

Utilize Feature Images 

Images are one of the best visual elements (apart from videos) to enhance your website’s click through rates and engagement.  

According to the latest stats from Hubspot, 80% of marketers use visual elements in their social media marketing. Also, eye-tracking studies report that online users pay more attention to images that carry information within them than they would of a simple block of words while trying to make sense out of it.  

Using feature images in Gleam competitions can get you over 100% engagement than you would without them.  

With Gleam, you can upload just about any image to your competition, thereby enabling you to brand as well as drive the user experience however you want.  

Give Your Site a Dedicated Landing Page 

You can run your contest on a blog or a social media platform, but you can’t run it any better than your own website.  

For highly efficient results, it’s best to set up a reusable landing page with an easy-to-remember URL such as:

Doing this brings is beneficial because: 

  • It sends users directly to your site, instead of a third-party portal 
  • It gives you more control of your campaign analytics 
  • There’s a bigger chance that those users will be converted after they enter 
  • You own the relationship with your customers 

It’s easier for you to funnel customers to your contest from other parts of your website 

Go for the Descriptive Approach 

Being descriptive can go a long way for your business, especially if you’re introducing a new product that customers have never seen before. However, it’s vital for you to focus on: 

How you differentiate your product and contest from your rivals 

What products you’re offering 

How customers can enter your giveaways 

Learn About Custom Actions 

By enabling to create your own custom actions, Gleam gives businesses extreme flexibility that other platforms can provide, such as: 

  • Entering your own OrderID 
  • Completing a form 
  • Creating an account 
  • Answering a question 
  • Visiting a certain page 

Don’t Embed Below the Fold 

We see some businesses often including their competition below the fold, or perhaps at the bottom of an article. This damages conversion rates since people don’t know right away that the website has a competition or contest embedded into it.  

What you can do instead is to include your competition on a dedicated page on your website, describing what the prize is, how customers can enter and any other useful information that you can use.  

You can also use Gleam’s tab overlay feature to run competitions across every page on your website.  

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