Now my girls are older, I’m finding it harder to buy Christmas presents. They no longer want toys, but they still want something fun. As a teacher-parent, I also love a present which is educational, especially if it is STEM based as so many girls are turned off from Science and maths at this age. The Science Mad Chemistry Lab set is perfect for children who want to improve their understanding of science but in a fun way.

This set is incredible value at £29.99. It comes with so much in it, including 10 chemicals, a real flame spirit burner, glass test tubes, vessels, apparatus, safety glasses and an instruction manual. The set is suitable for children ten plus and will need close supervision due to the chemicals and the real bunsen burner.

I really like the way this set looks like a scaled-down version of a real kit you would use in a lab. There is something really cute about the equipment, especially the mini beaker and funnel. The size of the set means it is great for smaller hands, it would be most suitable for a child in Year 6 or just starting secondary school.

the chemicals come in little pots that have clear safety labels on them. You can get started just by using the contents of the set, however, for some of the experiments you will need some additional household items and some more specialized. We needed to buy citric acid and methylated spirits for the burner. It would be nice if you had a little bit more of each of the chemicals as I think some will run out quickly. Also, there is only one set of goggles, so you will have to take turns if you have more than one child, or buy an extra set.

There are over 100 safe experiments that you can complete using the handy booklet. The instructions in the book are really clear and give a good scientific explanation for what is happening. We found that you needed an adult to read the instructions and help conduct the investigations. It is definitely not something you can leave your children to do on their own.

This is a great set for a child wanting to get into science.

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Disclaimer: We were given the set for the purposes of this review.