One of the things I really want to do this year is to get the girls cooking more often. They love to bake, but I want them to be more involved in the preparation of healthy meals now they are getting older. We have Hello Fresh in the past and even got involved in a cook along in 2015 and often want to cook the recipes again.

For our first-weekend cooking session, the girls chose cheeseburgers. We have been really disappointed by the ready-made burgers we have eaten recently as they are really fatty. With this recipe, you can use good quality mince and know all the ingredients inside.

I think this is the perfect recipe for children to use as it is really simple with only a few simple steps but with lots for them to do. The instructions are clear and easy to follow with pictures for each step. We chopped lots of potatoes into wedges and baked them in the oven.

The girls made their own beef patties and fried them. As the twins are nearly ten, I let them do the frying themselves. They really loved the responsibility. They realised they needed to follow the tip included in the recipe and make the patties a little thinner so they cook quicker. 

While the burgers were cooking, we made a salad and dressing and prepared the burger bun and grated some cheese to go on top. The finished burger was really healthy and tasty.

We will definitely be cooking the cheeseburgers again. They were a big hit from the whole family and so much nicer than ready-made burgers. I also found that the children ate far more of the salad than they normally would because they had a hand in preparing it. We are going to use the recipes every weekend to try something new and I am planning to give the kids a shopping list so they are responsible for the whole meal. The first meal on the list is Sicilian Caponata with Herbed Pork and Garlic Ciabatta. I can’t wait.

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