Most people assume that hemp and marijuana are the same. This is understandable since both terms are more often than not used interchangeably. However, the truth is that hemp and marijuana are different. They may bear some similarities, but they have different properties.

Differentiating hemp and marijuana is not exactly straightforward or easy, especially if you are approaching it from the flowering perspective. Both come from the cannabis sativa species, and one of their qualities is producing flowering buds. So what’s the difference between the hemp plant and marijuana? Well, marijuana produces more THC while the hemp plant produces more CBD. THC is the intoxicating agent in marijuana, which makes it somewhat controversial. In this piece, we’ll talk more about the CBD flower and its applications.

If you are a stoner, you’ll realize that CBD hemp flower is equally relaxing without the overwhelming paranoiac effects that come from marijuana. CBD helps to reduce anxiety, alleviate pain, and much more here.

CBD flower

The farmers who grow CBD flowers commercially do it in small batches with the ultimate objective of getting the highest quality of CBD. Brands such as Cannaflower strive hard to get the CBD products to the market. And when we talk about the CBD flower, we are referring to the cannabis plant bud. Taking this type of CBD helps you relax without getting intoxicated. Research associates CBD with several medical benefits. When you buy CBD oil for a therapeutic or medical reason, you get an extract of the hemp flower. 

Can you get high from CBD flowers?

You need to understand that even the purest CBD has a trace of THC. In the hemp flower, the concentration of THC is almost negligible. And for this reason, you’ll not get high from using it. What you’ll get is an incredibly balanced concentration of beneficial cannabinoids. You may have previously heard of various types of CBD products such as oils, gummies, vaporizers, lotions, salves, and so on. Nonetheless, CBD is a game-changer that made its entry not long ago.

At a minimum, the CBD flower contains about 10% CBD and 0.3% THC. Users can’t get high from 0.3% THC. They need more. Recently, the sale of CBD flowers is skyrocketing in almost all parts of the US. Concerning appearance, the CBD flower is identical to other strains of cannabis that are still illegal in most states due to their high THC content.

How to use CBD hemp flower

For stoners, smoking CBD is their chosen way of consuming it. Others prefer to buy buds. Smoking CBD may be detrimental to your health as it is with other substances taken similarly. Nevertheless, its damage is less than that of cigarettes. That said, if you are going to take CBD, talk to a qualified medical practitioner. Research on the CBD flower is still ongoing. Plus, nowadays, there are other ways to use CBD products such as CBD oils, capsules, and creams – you can learn more about some of these alternatives on the Blessed CBD website.

Is the CBD hemp flower legal?

In most states, strains of cannabis with a high concentration of THC are illegal. In 2018, legislators passed a bill allowing large-scale cultivation of CBD. The law authorized uses of the hemp flower for the right reasons and in reasonable quantities.

Benefits of CBD flower

CBD flowers come with a myriad of benefits that aren’t much different from those you get from CBD oil. It helps to manage health issues such as anxiety, pain, sleeplessness, and so on.

The research to affirm these findings is inconclusive, but experts have given a strong indication that the CBD flower can help to alleviate various symptoms. Other benefits of the CBD flower include:

  • Easing stress and tension
  • Helps in preventing the effects of some neurodegenerative illnesses
  • Has some strong anti-inflammatory properties

It would be best if you didn’t use the CBD flower as a substitute for medication prescribed by your doctor.

How to source high-quality CBD flower

The demand for CBD flower has been on the rise, and this has prompted unscrupulous suppliers to start selling counterfeits. When buying CBD products, try to source it from reputable brands. Berkshire CBD has a partner website with a comprehensive affiliate program. Such a program can help you distribute CBD flowers to those who need it while making a profit. If you are buying CBD hemp flower for the first time, you may mistake marijuana with it. It helps to look for dispensaries or renowned suppliers who can sell you the right product. Legalized outlets are always the best choice.

Sourcing CBD hemp flower online is another convenient method of getting it, but you want to go through the customer reviews to ascertain that you are getting a real product. If the reports are positive, then you are good to go. Gone are the days when most folks viewed CBD as a harmful substance. With the right counsel from a doctor, you could use it to manage several medical conditions.