The girls have always loved to make costumes for their toys. This year we might not be able to go trick or treating or have a Halloween party at our house but at least our dolls can have fun. We made these simple costumes using coloured felt. The good thing is they would fit different sized dolls. A few years ago we made some Halloween costumes for the Lottie dolls.

Pumpkin doll costume

This needs just some orange and dark green felt, needle and thread and fabric glue.

Fold the felt in half and cut out a pumpkin shape that is just a little bigger than the doll’s body. Cut a hole for the head at the top, leaving the folds for the shoulders. Sew down the sides leaving gaps for the arms.

Cut out spooky shapes for the mouth and eyes from dark green felt. Stick on with fabric glue.

For the hat cut out a smaller pumpkin shape with two pieces of orange felt. sew the edges together making sure it is big enough to fit. Sew on a green stalk to the top.

Spider doll costume

We used: purple and black felt and googly eyes.

Fold the purple felt in half and cut out a circle joined at the top. Cut out a hole for the head and some wiggly black legs from felt. Stitch along the sides making sure you sew in the legs.

Add a smile from black felt and googly eyes made from fabric glue.

Cat doll costume

We also made a black felt cat suit tracing over one of the doll’s dresses as a pattern. We stuck on a white felt oval to the tummy and used black felt to make cat ears

Pumpkin doll bag

We cute two sent circles from orange felt and sewed the bottom to make a bag shape. We cut a strip of dark green felt and sewed it in to the bag to make a handle. We used a fabric pen to make a pumpkin face.

Conker pumpkins

Conkers make the best pumpkins for dolls. All you need are two little googly eyes and a sharpie to draw on the mouth.

I love this picture of the twins and their dolls from about four years ago. They look so little.