4 Things to Organise Before Going on Holiday

January 17, 2020

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Planning a holiday isn’t always easy. You’ve first got to decide what your budget is, where you want to go, and how long for. Ideally, you should know what type of holiday you want to go on, too, as you can’t guarantee that every destination will provide you with the same experience. However, in all the hustle and bustle of the holiday planning process, often, there are several essential aspects of the trip that can be forgotten. These 4 things need to be organised before you go away in order to minimise the stress when you get off that plane. 

  1. Check All The Documents  

In all the excitement of booking attractions, flights and accommodation, essential documents can often be pushed to the side. However, these documents, if not checked, could spell disaster and stop you from going away at all. Check that all of your passports are in date and photocopy them so that you have more than one copy. You also need to double-check that the tickets are right. The last thing you want is to arrive at the airport only to discover that your child’s passport is a month out of date when you arrive at check-in. It would also be a good idea to go over all your insurance documents to make sure that everything is in order before you fly. 

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  1. Book Car Rental In Advance

Relying on coaches and buses to take you to and from locations can be difficult, especially when you have children. Trying to get your children to a specific spot at a particular time to catch a bus to the hotel or for a day trip isn’t easy. It quite often results in a lot of added stress, which shouldn’t occur during a holiday. Instead, book a car rental before you touch down in America with Advantage Car Rental and take away the stress of being restricted by bus schedules. You can then plan out your day stress-free and travel wherever you like without worry. 


  1. Travel Money 

Before technology advanced, the only way to spend money in another country involved you heading to the bank or post office to exchange your money into the right currency. However, nowadays, there are now alternative ways to pay for things abroad, which include travel cards, credit cards and bank apps such as Monzo. This can often lead to people forgetting about the change in currency when they are heading on holiday. When the need for cash arises, they then have to take out the money from a bank there and incur certain charges for doing so.  

While it isn’t recommended to take huge lump sums of cash with you, it is still something you need to organise before you head off. In some circumstances, such as paying for food, tips, and drinks, you will need cash. So, to avoid the charge of taking money out of a bank abroad, be sure to take out just enough money. 

  1. House Sitters 

This is sometimes the last thing on peoples’ minds because it is not directly affecting the holiday plans, but it is one of the most important things to organise before you leave. If you are away for one or two weeks, then you need to make arrangements for people to check in on the house every so often to make sure that you are not a target for being burgled. If you have a pet, then a house sitter is essential. 

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