4 Ways To Make It Easier To Support Your Partner During Pregnancy

August 17, 2017


Being pregnant is never easy. Unless you’re one of the lucky few that strolls through it like a walk in the park then having a large, heavy and increasingly awkward bump on the front of you might not be the easiest thing to come to terms with in your life. But fear not, because it’s not just you who needs to be making changes once you’ve made the decision to become pregnant.

Pregnant with twins

You and Your Partner’s roles

Whether in a marriage or cohabitation the changes brought on by being pregnant are on a colossal scale, your spouse or partner is going to need the best support possible to ensure a smooth pregnancy. Here are some of the ways to help out and make the ride a little smoother:

  • Talk about timing – this could be anything from ensuring you let your partner known what time you’ll be back from work to ensuring she knows when you’ll be in and out in the evenings, timing is everything
  • Keep a schedule – maintaining a sensible schedule always helps keep things running smoothly, and can be as small as who’s doing the dishes after dinner or as big as planning trips for scans.
  • Take on some of her jobs around the house – And don’t wait to be asked! A pregnant partner with less household chores is a happier pregnant partner.
  • Deciding what to do about maternity leave early – Your employer is going to need to know early what your plans are when the baby does arrive, so talk to your partner about how you will both manage it; will you both take equal time off, will you both get enough time with the baby and will you be able to afford your plans are integral questions to pose early on

Make Your Partner Feel Good

From the little things like preparing and cooking dinner together to making sure the bins are out before she notices, it really is as simple as thinking a few steps ahead to make sure your partner’s pregnancy is as smooth-running as it should be. Also integral is making her feel special as often as you can. Tell her she’s beautiful, tell her how proud and happy you are to be with her, and if you can’t muster the mushy stuff all the time just talk to her about your excitement about the baby – a subject the both of you can revel in together at all times. It’s also worth learning more about pregnancy and birth. Make sure you have a birth plan and whether she wants to use a birthing ball, or have a water birth. Feeling you are there to make the decisions will make her feel more confident and cared for.


Remember What She Needs

Water is a key component here as pregnant women get very thirsty quite often. She’s probably on top of her water needs but if you are the one to produce a much needed thirst-quenching bottle at the critical moment you’re definitely going to earn yourself some serious brownie points. Also on the list of needs is vitamins, it’s something most pregnant women will take to add to what they are putting in their bodies, and just the thought of a text to remind her to take them each day would be a nice reminder for her that you too are constantly thinking of her and the baby.

Cohabiting partners and those who have tied the knot are always asking, ‘how can I make this pregnancy easier for my spouse?’ luckily it’s only few simple steps to making happiness happen in your house.


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