5 reasons to consider going on a babymoon

October 4, 2018

There’s no better time for a little holiday than when you’re pregnant! You’re growing a tiny human, which is no mean feat. So, between decorating the nursery, being used as a pincushion at the doctor’s and having to use the toilet constantly, you could do with a break! 

When you have children, your date nights are more likely to involve watching your kids’ favourite characters dancing around a stage, so before you’re plunged into that world, treat yourself to a babymoon! Here are five reasons you should consider one.   

Because you can 

Before you have children, you underestimate quite how free and spontaneous you can be. As soon as your little angel makes an appearance, your life is going to change dramatically and you won’t be able to take spontaneous weekend trips, so it’s the perfect time to make the most of it while you can!  


Feel beautiful 

With swollen ankles, and clothes that used to fit feeling like a very-snug cocoon, it can be hard to feel special when you’re pregnant. This is when a spa trip is the perfect remedy! There are some things you can’t do when pregnant, such as use saunas or hot tubs, but a lot of spas will offer pregnancy massages, facials, and mud baths — perfect for de-stressing and feeling radiant when you leave! Enjoy a couple’s massage with your partner and allow yourselves to be waited on hand and foot — for potentially the last time, for a little while at least.  


Connect with your partner 

In just a few short months, you’re going to find yourselves with whole new identities. This can be really overwhelming and make it quite difficult, between the 3am feeds and nappy changes, to remember why you fell in love. Take this opportunity to fall in love all over again and have a really romantic trip so your relationship is in top form for when the baby comes.  

Get planning 

While you’re both working and generally being overwhelmed by everyday life, you may not have had time to sit down and really think about the baby and the birth. Enjoy time on a neutral territory, where you don’t have to worry about cooking and washing to be done, to discuss things like your birth plan, names, your announcements, etc. 

This can be such an exciting time to think about what a big adventure you’re about to go on and it allows you to get a bit more organised too!  


Make memories 

When things are hard like when the baby is teething or won’t stop crying, memories of a lovely trip can help make things a little less stressful. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit (although not too far away; long journeys and pregnant women do not mix!), take lots of photographs and make memories together. Treat it like a honeymoon and really make it special, as it might be the last trip you get as just the two of you for a while. 

Hopefully, this has convinced you that you deserve a babymoon! What you’re doing is an amazing thing, and really quite difficult, so you deserve to take a break, make some memories, get pampered and return home feeling ready for your next big adventure. 

Let me know in the comments if you’ve planned a babymoon or, if you already have children if it’s something you did before they were born.  

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