5 tips to consider before choosing a family-friendly home

October 22, 2018

Great family homes in a good community can be tricky to find. In this article, we’ll list some of the most crucial tips you need to look into as you find the right home for your family. With so many individuals’ well-being on the line — spouse, kids, pets, and perhaps even ageing parents — finding home means researching well.

Schools and childcare

Say you’re living in a good row house, but then you’re about to give birth. The most common tip for most family is to seek a bigger home near good schools. Whether you want to stay in a suburban or urban location, access to childcare and schools should be a huge factor for you. With your child’s future in consideration, the best learning facilities must be present in the area.

Overall location

Parks, playgrounds, nearby museums, Little League teams – a home’s location affects a family’s quality of life. Plus, it determines the daily work commute and which needs to be kept to a minimum for a better quality of life.

However, the location isn’t the only consideration to keep in mind. A home’s location within the community is just as important. Will your child be spending considerable time on the basketball court or at the playground? With that said, consider a home near those amenities so you can keep tabs from the window.


I don’t know about you, but I for one am not fond of small spaces being thoroughly designed to look big. This is especially true if you have very small kids or are planning to have more. A small space makes building a nursery or finding space for baby clothes a challenge, so consider choosing an address with a bigger floor space.

For expanding families, a tiny study, in-building storage space, or a high person-to-closet ratio will give the square footage necessary for new belongings.


A couple of safety issues come into play as families look for a new home, especially in communities with high crime-rates, natural disasters and accident-prone landscapes. Ask the local town hall or police about the statistics if possible.


Amenities and facilities

Schools, parks, playgrounds, pathways, clubhouse, pools, and other family-friendly spaces are all vital factors in whether where to look for a home. Moreover, more and more families are preferring green communities. Almost a quarter of Aurora community, for example, contains green spaces and outdoor amenities.

Where to look for your next home

The best homes are those you and your family can feel comfortable, happy, and safe. Raising a family in a Lendlease community near Epping, for instance, allows you to take advantage of these all as well as all the points in this article. Moreover, Aurora is also in a growth area so you’re poised to gain a good profit if ever you decide to sell in the future. Check out the community!

house entrance

The premier community is located only 25km from Melbourne. There is a range of block sizes on offer, which lets you build the house you want in the area your family will love, surrounded by the best of the North.

A dream home for you and your family is out there. Make use of our tips above, and you’re sure to make searching a stress-free journey.

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